Geer van VELDE (1898-1977)

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Selection of works by Geer van Velde currently available

Geer van Velde, 
"Composition", Circa 1952, oil on canvas 73 x 100 cm - Reserved
Geer van Velde 
Circa 1952

Oil on canvas 73 x 100 cm


Geer van Velde, 
I, C. 1951-52,
 Watercolor 38 x 56 cm
Geer van Velde 

C. 1951-52

Watercolor 38 x 56 cm

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Geer van Velde,
on the border between figuration and abstraction

Geer van Velde is the younger brother of Bram with whom he shared the same passion for painting.

A rare artist in the sense where his thorough, analytical work without being cold or entrenched in an icy intellectualism does not freeze in rules directly applied to a theorem, Geer van Velde is a man of the North. He is the fruit of Holland and the Flanders’ atmospheric perspective.

He found the very fabric of his paintings from these windows open onto the world where Protestant austerity combined with the rigor of climate. Lonely, saying little, each painting reflects the character.

In his studio in Cachan, he developed compositions structured around the theme of “the workshop”.

The Maeght Gallery exhibited him until 1980 and then the Louis Carré Gallery in 1982 and 1989.

A retrospective was held at the Museum of Modern Art of the city of Paris in 1982. An Exhibit at the Picasso Museum, Antibes – Unterlinden Museum, Colmar in 2000 and, in 2010, an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon.