Louis Marcoussis (1878-1941)

Lyrical cubism

This gouache is cubist in its composition and embodies all the lyricism of Louis Marcoussis.

Marcoussis was committed to the cubist theories of the pre-war Puteaux Group and was in search of harmony and beauty. He differed from his colleagues with the introduction of light and color. Journal composition (Composition au journal) is a perfect testimony to this. The different shades of green, blue, pink, and white are soft, light and bright. A lyrical air emanates from this still life with the window opening out onto the sky of the French Riviera. Paul Eluard called him “the darling of poets.” 

As early as 1923, collectors and gallery owners such as Albert C. Barnes, Jeanne Bucher or Paul Guillaume succumbed to the charm of these 1920s gouaches.


Louis Marcoussis, Composition au journal
Louis Marcoussis
Composition au journal
Circa 1925
Gouache sur papier
Signée en haut à droite
22,3 x 39,2 cm

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