Marie LAURENCIN (1883-1956)

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Selection of works by Marie Laurencin currently available

Marie Laurencin, Les amies aux tulipes, Watercolor
Marie Laurencin
Les amies aux tulipes
44,2 x 35,2 cm

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Marie Laurencin or poet painting

Of modest origin (her mother was a seamstress and collected the Young Ladies Journal, which left its mark on the work of Laurencin), Marie Laurencin was very young when introduced by Braque at the ‘Bateau Lavoir’; rue Ravignan, in the workshop of Picasso.

In 1905 Picasso introduced Marie Laurencin to Apollinaire, with whom she had a five-year relationship, immortalized by the Douanier Rousseau’s The poet and his muse.

“Mon destin ô Marie est de vivre à vos pieds,
en redisant sans cesse ô combien je vous aime”…
Guillaume Apollinaire

Very early she found her style, “all-female aesthetics” said Apollinaire, with her soft colours, where pinks and blues dominate, large luxuriously nuanced masses, the doe eyes of her almost always female characters – such a personal style that the influence of cubism only increased the specificity. It is painting by a poet who combines realism and fantasy.

…”en voilà une qui n’est pas qu’une fauvette,
elle sait ce qu’est la grâce, elle est serpentine”…

The faces are stripped of all unnecessary detail. It seems that an eternal spring keeps human beings and the decors in the freshness of childhood. Marie Laurencin painted a little girl’s universe, a universe idealized where purity and simplicity are very naturally noble and elegant.



Salon des indépendants


First personal exhibition with Robert Delaunay, Galerie Barbazanges, Paris
Section d’or fair


Exhibition Galerie Paul Rosenberg, Paris


Exhibition Galerie Paul Rosenberg, Paris with Braque, Matisse and Picasso


Exhibition Durand-Ruel Galleries, New York


Exhibition Galerie Paul Rosenberg
Exhibitions in London : Agnews Gallery et Tooth Gallery


She takes part to the exhibition Maiîtres de l’art indépendant, Petit Palais


Exhibition chez Paul Rosenberg & Co in New York


Exhibition Trente portraits d’amis, Librairie Paul Morihien, Paris


Exhibition Galerie Georges Moos, Genève


The Musée Marmottant Monet is the first french museum to pay a tribute to Marie Laurencin.
Most of the works came from Japan, where a museum was created by Mr Takano and Mr Yoshizawa, near Tokyo.