Marquet in Normandy

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Exposition "Marquet en Normandie"

The exhibition
“Marquet in Normandy

At the André Malraux Museum of Modern Art, the exhibition “Marquet in Normandy” focuses on an unexplored part of the work of Albert Marquet (1875-1947): his stays in Normandy. It runs until 24 September 2023.

Affiche de l'exposition "Marquet en Normandie"

source of inspiration and experimentation for Albert Marquet

A tireless traveller, Albert Marquet criss-crossed the Normandy coast from 1903 to 1937 during seven stays (Flamanville, Le Havre/Trouville, Fécamp, Honfleur, Rouen, Vieux-Port and Dieppe) where he was coached by Henri Manguin, then Raoul Dufy, Henri Matisse, Paul Signac and Felix Vallotton.

During these years, he found Normandy an experimental ground for his work on colour and motifs, in particular the maritime world, the port and water.

Albert Marquet, a “studio full-air artist”, thus created in Normandy the formula of a landscape seen from his window, with an acute sense of framing, of the synthesis of forms and colour.

Albert Marquet came to Le Havre several times. He painted and exhibited there, thus creating a close relationship with the collectors. Some of them bought works in large numbers and then donated their collections to the museum.

Albert Marquet, Autoportrait, 1904<br />
Huile sur toile, 46 x 38 cm, Bordeaux, musée des Beaux-Arts

Albert Marquet
Self-portrait, 1904
Oil on canvas
46 x 38 cm
Bordeaux, musée des Beaux-Arts

Albert Marquet in the collections of the MuMa

In 2019, the MuMa acquired from our gallery a rare Fauvist work by Albert Marquet dating from his 1906 stay in Le Havre: “Le Havre, le bassin”.

Also in 2019, the museum was given a painting (Herblay. Autumn. The tugboat, 1919) by a descendant of the Siegfried family.

Finally, in 2022 he received “Notre Dame de Paris sous la neige, 1916” as a donation with reservation of usufruct.

The collections of the MuMa now include 14 paintings and 23 drawings by Albert Marquet.

Albert MARQUET, Le Havre, le bassin

Albert MARQUET (1875-1947)
Le Havre, le bassin
Oil on wood
61.4 x 50.3 cm
Collection of the André Malraux Museum of Modern Art, Le Havre

The exhibition “Marquet in Normandy” presents
about 60 paintings and drawings for the first time.

The works on display are from prestigious public and private collections, both French and foreign.
Six of them are on loan through our gallery, including “Rouen, the Boieldieu Bridge and the Quai de Paris in sunny weather” and “The Port of Fécamp” (below).

The works of Albert Marquet dialogue with those of his friends, Dufy, Matisse, Friesz, Camoin, Valtat…

You will also see “Le Havre, le bassin”, which illustrates the poster and the cover of the exhibition catalogue.

Albert MARQUET, Rouen, le pont Boieldieu et le quai de Paris par temps ensoleillé

Albert MARQUET (1875-1947)
Rouen, le pont Boieldieu et le quai de Paris par temps ensoleillé
Oil on canvas
63 x 80 cm
Private collection

Albert MARQUET, Le Port de Fécamp

Albert MARQUET (1875-1947)
Le Port de Fécamp
Oil on canvas
65 x 81 cm
Private collection

I can’t write or speak but only paint and draw.
Look at what I have done.
Either I managed to express myself or I failed, in any case, whether you don’t understand, through your fault or mine, I can’t do more.

Albert Marquet
quoted by Marcelle Marquet in “Marquet”, Paris, 1951


To go further

The audio-guided tour of the exhibition, which is free and open to the public, gives the floor to a number of personalities to help us discover the work of Albert Marquet through their unique perspectives: Sarah Crépin (choreographer), Maylis de Kerangal (writer), Sophie Krebs (heritage curator), Patrice Leconte (film-maker), Lotti (musician), Olivier Saladin (comedian), and François Trocquet (visual artist).
Listen here

Practical information

“Marquet in Normandy”
Until 24 September 2023
Musée d’art moderne André Malraux – Muma
2 boulevard Clémenceau 76600 Le Havre

Catalogue de l'exposition "Marquet en Normandie"

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