On our stand at TEFAF Maastricht 2020…

We welcome you at Tefaf Maastricht from March 7th to 15th, 2020, on the stand n°710, located in the « Works on paper section », 1st floor.

Overview of our stand at Tefaf Maastricht for the program “Chercheurs d’Art” on BFM TV Business, with Sonia Delaunay, Alexander Calder, Gustave Moreau, Louis Anquetin, Jean Dubuffet, Henri Matisse…

Among the works we are presenting this year, we invite you to discover three major pieces, by Louis Anquetin, Jean Dubuffet and Sonia Delaunay.


Overview of our stand
with “Chercheurs d’Art”on BFM TV Business

Interview of Florence Chibret-Plaussu
Subtitled in English

“Great collectors come to Maastricht.
Maastricht is located in the heart of Europe and remains one of the most important fairs in the world for antiques, old masters and modern art.

Our stand is located in the “Works on Paper” section on the first floor and we are presenting a gouache by Sonia Delaunay from 1965 that has been shown at the Tate Moderne, during the “Sonia Delaunay” exhibition.

The schedule of the Galerie de la Presidence starts with Brafa, in Brussels in January, followed by Tefaf in Maastricht – which is a must – and then, the salon du dessin, which will take place the last week of March, in Paris.”


Louis Anquetin
Bourrasque sur le pont des Saints-Pères

Louis Anquetin was a brilliant figure in late 19th-century Parisian life.
This innovative painter participated in the XX Salon in Brussels with Théo Van Rysselberghe in 1888. This art fair that revealed his talent. He was 27 years old and successful.

Anquetin painted “Coup de vent sur le pont des Saints-Pères” (Gusts of Wind on the Saint-Pères Bridge) in 1889. The painting, which is not very academic, was divisive – he was accused of breaking the rules…

Louis Anquetin, Bourrasque sur le pont des Saints-Pères, Circa 1889, Watercolor and gouache, 66 x 53 cm
Louis Anquetin
Bourrasque sur le pont des Saints-Pères
Circa 1889
Watercolor and gouache
66 x 53 cm

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Jean Dubuffet
Tête griotte

Painter, lithographer, sculptor, musician, writer, poet and activist for nonstandard art – “art brut” – : Jean Dubuffet built up a huge body of work on the margin of all tendencies. Irreverence and fantasy guided his art…

Jean Dubuffet, Tête griotte, 1957
Jean Dubuffet
Tête griotte
Ink and collages
65 x 42 cm

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Sonia Delaunay
Rythme couleur

Born in Russia and arrived in France in 1905, Sonia Delaunay married Robert Delaunay in 1910. Their union was enhanced by mutual inspiration and joint research on movement and colour.
After the death of Robert Delaunay in 1941, she continued his experiments. She is the first woman to have had a retrospective at the Bing Gallery in 1953.
She is also the first woman to have had a retrospective at the Louvre museum in her lifetime (1964)…

Sonia Delaunay, Rythme Couleur, 1965, Gouache, 58 x 78 cm
Sonia Delaunay
Rythme Couleur
58 x 78 cm

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