One minute with Henri Manguin and Albert Marquet

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We are pleased to see you today for “one minute” with Henri Manguin and Albert Marquet, focusing on  two oils painted in 1905.

Françoise and Florence Chibret-Plaussu


1905, two works, two artists, two friends

Fauvism began with a joke by the art critic Louis Vauxcelles who famously declared upon entering room VII of the Salon d’automne of 1905 “Donatello among the wild beasts!” when he discovered a statuette of Florentine inspiration in the midst of the canvases.

In this famous room VII, Manguin was exhibited notably alongside Camoin, Derain, Marquet, Matisse and Vlaminck.

In 1905, Manguin, enthused by the light of the south, settled in the villa Demière on the still deserted hills of Saint-Tropez where he was joined by Marquet.

Afterwards, Marquet settled in the Sube Hotel, with a breathtaking view of the port of Saint-Tropez. In the evening, the painters gathered around Signac. A friendship and fertile admiration was established between them, especially between Manguin and Cross.

On July 12, 1905, Marquet left Saint-Tropez with Camoin for Agay and Anthéor in the Var region where Marquet painted this view at the red rocks of the Esterel. It was a special period when the artist experimented in different ways with these very powerful colors.

Let us return to this major work by Manguin, a masterpiece of his fauve period, painted in Saint-Tropez in 1905. His own vision of Fauvism is tempered by delicate harmonies.

In this intimate painting, the light, the brilliance of the fauve colors and the variation of the blues provide this harmony that the artist was constantly looking for.

His wife Jeanne, present in this painting was his muse. We will often see her: nudes of Jeanne, Jeanne with a parasol, Jeanne bathing…
A love song and tender dialogue are felt in each of his works.

As Jacques Lassaigne, former curator of the Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris, wrote:

‘Manguin is perhaps one of the best elements of the group’s continuity’.

This painting was acquired in March 1906 directly from Manguin by Ambroise Vollard who purchased more than 150 canvases from him.

You can further your discovery of these works by Manguin and Marquet at the gallery.


Henri Manguin (1874-1949)
Le Jardin de la villa Demière, Saint-Tropez

Henri MANGUIN, Le jardin de la villa Demière, Saint-Tropez
Henri Manguin
Le jardin de la villa Demière, Saint-Tropez,
Oil on canvas
80 x 65 cm


– Ambroise Vollard, on March 24, 1906, acquired directly from the artist
– Galerie Marcus, Paris


‘Le plaisir d’été’, Galerie de Paris, Paris, 1965


Lucile and Claude Manguin, Marie-Caroline Sainsaulieu, “Henri Manguin: Catalogue Raisonné de l’œuvre peint”, Ides et Calendes Editions, Neuchâtel, 1980, n°241, p. 115

Letter from Madame Claude Holstein-Manguin, granddaughter of the artist certifying the authenticity, dating and provenance of the work.

Price upon request. Contact us.


Albert Marquet (1875-1947)
Anthéor, les roches rouges

Albert Marquet, Anthéor, les roches rouges, 1905
Anthéor, les roches rouges
Oil on canvas
65,2 x 81 cm
Signed lower right



– Private collection, France
– Private collection, Lyon


This work will be included in the digital critical catalogue of the painted work of Albert Marquet, in preparation by the Wildenstein Institute Plattner Institute, Inc.


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