One minute with Pablo Picasso… and the musketeer

Dear Friends,

Today, let’s meet with one of the sacred giants of the 20th century,
the most French of all Spanish painters: Pablo Picasso.

Explore with us the character of the musketeer,
staged in this drawing titled “Trois têtes”.

Françoise and Florence Chibret-Plaussu


One minute with Pablo Picasso


With this new minute, let’s meet one of the sacred giants of the 20th century, the most French of all Spanish painters: Pablo Picasso.

Participating in all the adventures of painting for half a century, nothing was able to resist the talent of this inventive genius. Eager for renewal, he never stopped drawing, painting, engraving and sculpting throughout his whole life.

With his creative impulses he became a Harlequin, a bullfighter, a Minotaur then a musketeer like in the drawing we are presenting to you today.

At the end of the 60’s, he reread Alexandre Dumas and Shakespeare, rediscovered the old masters: le Greco, Velasquez and Rembrandt.
Picasso then saw himself as a musketeer of the Golden Century. The musketeer appeared in a series of works that became the most important of his last years.

In the work we are presenting to you, all the talent of Picasso the draftsman springs forth. With an energetic pencil stroke, twirling in the form of circles, commas and spirals, he evokes this world of childhood with humor.

In front of this laughing, whimsical and burlesque musketeer, we find this magical, wonderful and fascinating universe in the hypnotized gaze of the child.

Picasso will always amaze us.

Meet us at the gallery to discover Picasso underneath his musketeer’s mask…


Pablo Picasso
“Trois têtes”

Pabo Picasso, Trois têtes, 1969, drawing
Pablo Picasso
Trois têtes
April 29, 1969
Felt-tip pen and ink on card
27 x 21,5 cm
Signed and dated upper right



– Brewster Gallery, New York
– Private collection, New York (acquired from the above in 1981)


– Christian Zervos, “Pablo Picasso, Oeuvres de 1969”, vol. XXXI, Paris, 1976, n°160, illustred p.52.


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