One minute with Paul Signac… currently in the spotlight in Paris.

For this new minute, let’s cast off with Paul Signac, currently in the spotlight in Paris

First of all at the Jacquemart-André Museum with an exhibition entitled “Signac les harmonies colorées” which brings together 70 neo-impressionist works exclusively from a private collector with whom we have maintained a friendly relationship for many years.

It is an opportunity to discover 25 paintings by Signac, about twenty of his watercolors but also works by his friends: Seurat, Pissarro, Luce, Van Rysselberghe, Cross

Echoing this exhibition, Galerie de la Présidence is thrilled to present an, as yet, unexhibited set of 30 drawings, watercolors and indian inks by Signac.

Unlike his long and constrictive divisionist oil painting, watercolor with its spontaneous and fast appearance is a real liberation.
It quickly became the favored means of expression of this artist who had an energetic temperament.

His watercolors are not pointillist,  but he divides each dash and separates the colors.
Through the use and liberation of color, Signac opened the doors to Fauvism.

We are presenting this important set of watercolors by Signac at the gallery until July 17th 2021.


One minute with Paul Signac


The catalogue of the exhibition

Catalogue Signac Aquarelles

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