Tribute to Marcel Gromaire at Musée Matisse Le Cateau Cambrésis

The Galerie de la Présidence lends works by Marcel Gromaire to Musée Matisse Le Cateau-Cambrésis for the exhibition “Marcel Gromaire, Regards sur les collections du musée”.

Poster of the exhibition "Marcel Gromaire - regards sur les collections du musée"

Musée Matisse Le Cateau-Cambrésis
From June 23rd to September 30th 2018

This exhibition presents he donation made by Marcel Gromaire to the museum in 1955, and the donation made by his son in 1993 to the city of Cateau-Cambrésis. It is organized with the support of the Friends of the Matisse Museum association.

This exhibition also presents works from the Musée du dessin et de l’estampe originale de Gravelines, the Galerie de la Présidence and private collectors.

The Galerie de la Présidence, which represents Marcel Gromaire permanently, lends twenty drawings, watercolors and oils on canvas

For the record, Françoise Chibret-Plaussu, prepared the descriptive catalogue of Marcel Gromaire’s oils in collaboration with François Gromaire (published in 1993). That of his watercolours is currently being prepared.

I have a passion for this discreet artist with major work in twentieth century art.
Françoise Chibret-Plaussu

Some loaned works:

Marcel Gromaire, L'oreiller, Oil on canvas
Marcel Gromaire
Oil on canvas
81 x 65 cm


Marcel Gromaire, Les douves du château, Watercolor
Marcel Gromaire
Les douves du château
24,5 x 32 cm


Marcel Gromaire, Nu, Encre
Marcel Gromaire


Marcel Gromaire,  La falaise creuse
Marcel Gromaire 
La falaise creuse

Watercolor, 50 x 33 cm


I feel a strong connection with Marcel Gromaire’s powerful and generous work. We see a man from the north, marked by the war – in which he participated – and we also perceive the values of humanism on which he based his painting, which is both serious and imprinted with serenity.
Florence Chibret Plaussu

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Visit the exhibition
“Marcel Gromaire, Regards sur les collections du musée”

Musée départemental Matisse
Palais Fénelon
Place du Commandant Richez
59360 Le Cateau-Cambrésis
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The Musée départemental Matisse is located in the south of the Nord département, 30 km from Valenciennes, Cambrai, and Saint-Quentin.

By road, from Lille or Brussels:
Highway to Valenciennes, exit Le Cateau then D 955. (90 km from Lille, 30 km from Valenciennes)

By road, from Paris: 
Highway Paris-Cambrai, A1 then A2 (170 km), then D 643 from Cambrai to Le Cateau (22 km)

By train, Paris-Nord – Le Cateau or Busigny (15 minutes from the museum by taxi),

Trains Intercités Paris-Maubeuge, service every weekend:
Outward: Paris-Nord 10.37am/Le Cateau 12.11pm
Return Sat: Le Cateau 3.49pm/Paris-Nord 5.23pm
Return Sun: Le Cateau 5.49pm/ Paris-Nord 7.23pm

Free shuttle: Le Cateau station – Musée Matisse and return

Around the exhibition

Guided visits
Saturday and Sunday at 2:30 p.m, during the school holidays every day exept Tuesday at 2:30 p.m : presentation of the exhibition, and a journey through the permanent collections.

Information and reservations on T. 33 (0)3 59 73 38 03 (groups and teachers) – on T. 33 (0)3 59 73 38 06 (individuals).


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