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One minute with Jean Fautrier

On the occasion of our exhibition “Jean FAUTRIER, The 20’s”, from September 15 to October 31, 2023, featuring several oils from the famous art dealers Jeanne Castel and Paul Guillaume as well as rare large red chalks, vigorous nudes of exceptional quality.

Report from the “Chercheurs d’art” program on BFM TV


One minute with Henri Martin

Let’s travel to the charming fishing port of Collioure with this bright view by Henri Martin, painted in 1920 and titled “La Tour de Collioure”.


TEFAF Maastricht 2022

Before meeting you at TEFAF Maastricht, we invite you to discover in preview a selection of works on video.

We will be happy to welcome you, stand 435,  from June 25 to 30.

One minute with Joan Miró

Let’s spend one minute in video with one of the greatest creators of the twentieth century: Joan Miró. 
This original artist, with a new look and poetic pictorial language, seduces us with “Signs and figurations”, a work exhibited at the gallery, as part of GREEN, Spring palettes.


One minute with Francis Gruber and André Marchand

As part of our GREEN Spring palettes exhibition, let’s spend one minute with Francis Gruber and André Marchand: two important artists of the 40’s and 50’s who have been exhibited in prestigious galleries and are present today in public and private collections.


One minute with Charles Camoin

Let’s escape for one minute on video with Charles Camoin, around Mediterranean Landscape and The Bay of Ajaccio with Eucalyptus. These works are on display at the gallery until April 30, as part  of the GREEN Spring palettes exhibition.


One minute with Raoul Dufy

As part of our GREEN Spring palettes exhibition, let’s spend one minute on video with Raoul Dufy, with both Visite de l’Escadre anglaise au Havre and Le champ de blé.


Exhibition “Marquet, Paris mon amour”

As part of the Galerie de la Présidence’s 50th anniversary celebrations, we are presenting an ensemble of views of Paris carried out by Albert Marquet during the Fauve period, canvases whose exceptional quality echo the painter’s Parisian views of the Morozov’s collection currently exhibited at the Fondation Louis Vuitton.

We will be also travelling from the Seine to the Mediterranean Sea, a complete panorama in twenty-two paintings…
Learn more about this exhibition

At Fine Arts Paris 2021: Write the women’s body

Let’s discover how the great Masters of Modern Art dealt with the eternal and timeless theme of the female nude. By stripping the body, ridding it of all artifices, an artist suspends time and makes his subject timeless and universal.

Video tour of the exhibition “Geer van Velde, Contemplation Works”

For this new ‘minute’, we are delighted to share the discovery of our Geer van Velde exhibition with you – one of the great representatives of the post-war abstract school that we particularly appreciate.

One minute with Paul Signac, in the spotlight in Paris

For this new minute, let’s cast off with Paul Signac, currently in the spotlight in Paris. First of all at the Jacquemart-André Museum with an exhibition entitled “Signac les harmonies colorées” which brings together 70 neo-impressionist works exclusively from a private collector with whom we have maintained a friendly relationship for many years. It is an opportunity to discover 25 paintings by Signac, about twenty of his watercolors but also works by his friends: Seurat, Pissarro, Luce, Van Rysselberghe, Cross …

BLEU, an exhibition to celebrate the gallery’s 50th anniversary

BLEU: An exhibition to celebrate the gallery’s 50th anniversary. Featured artists: Eugène BOUDIN, Henri-Edmond CROSS, Sonia DELAUNAY, Jean FAUTRIER, Marcel GROMAIRE, Francis GRUBER, Armand GUILLAUMIN, Simon HANTAÏ, Hans HARTUNG, Jean HÉLION, Yves KLEIN, Henri MANGUIN, Albert MARQUET, Serge POLIAKOFF, Paul SIGNAC, Victor VASARELY, Geer van VELDE, Maria Helena VIEIRA DA SILVA, Maurice de VLAMINCK

One minute with Pablo Picasso

With this new minute, let’s meet one of the sacred giants of the 20th century, the most French of all Spanish painters: Pablo Picasso.

Brafa in the galleries

This year, exceptionally, Brafa will take place directly in our galleries.


One minute with Marcel Gromaire & Maurice Girardin

This historical canvas painted by Marcel Gromaire in 1934 pays tribute to his most faithful patron, Doctor Maurice Girardin by representing the collector’s wife playing with her dog, Froufrou. She is accompanied by Marcel Gromaire’s first wife, nicknamed Nounoutte and represented here in a red dress.



One minute with Albert Marquet

Like Monet, Marquet painted series, and while water lilies are indissociable from Monet, likewise – the Seine and its quays are indissociable from Marquet. Very early on, Paris captured the attention of this artist from Bordeaux.
He painted his own version of Paris throughout his life at all times and under all weather conditions from the window of his successive workshops:
– In 1905, he moved to 25 quai des Grands Augustins
– In 1908 Marquet used the workshop that his friend Matisse has just vacated at 19 quai Saint-Michel
– then in 1930 on the 5th floor of 1 rue Dauphine, at the corner of the Quai des Grands Augustins, from where our oil is painted with a plunging view of the Pont Neuf and the Samaritaine…

Read more about Albert Marquet



One minute with Geer van Velde

Both Geer and his brother Bram were Dutch artists and first trained as painter-decorators but very soon, they became convinced that their true vocation lay in painting. In 1925, the two brothers settled in Paris and began a life as bohemian and penniless artists. In 1937, Geer van Velde, whom we are talking about today, became friends with Samuel Beckett who obtained a first exhibition for him at Peggy Guggenheim’s brand new London gallery…

Read more about Geer van Velde

One minute with Henri Manguin and Albert Marquet

Fauvism began with a joke by the art critic Louis Vauxcelles who famously declared upon entering room VII of the Salon d’automne of 1905 “Donatello among the wild beasts!” when he discovered a statuette of Florentine inspiration in the midst of the canvases. In this famous room VII, Manguin was exhibited notably alongside Camoin, Derain, Marquet, Matisse and Vlaminck…

Read more about Albert Marquet

One minute with Bernard Buffet

Who hasn’t heard of Bernard Buffet? Andy Warhol said “in my opinion, the greatest French painter is Bernard Buffet”. Buffet is recognized worldwide as a major artist of French painting in the first half of the 20th century…

Read more about Bernard Buffet


One minute on holidays with Marcel Gromaire

Let’s go on holidays by the sea with Marcel Gromaire! Gromaire was an essential figure of French art of the 20th century, supported by the greatest merchants, an enlightened witness of his time. He transcribed the world of work into a very elaborate style, The strength of his drawing is always at the service of an intense appreciation of colours. Gromaire spent his summers on the west coast of France and watercolours were his holiday medium.

Read more about Marcel Gromaire


Let’s go to the museum ‘La Piscine’ with Marcel Gromaire

The museum La Piscine in Roubaix reopens on June 9, 2020.
Through this video we give you an overview of the exhibition ‘Marcel Gromaire, l’élégance de la force’.

Read more about Marcel Gromaire


One minute with Signac and “The Ports de France”

Let’s discover together Paimpol and Lomalo, two ports of France painted in watercolor by Signac during an incredible three-year artistic journey

Read more about Paul Signac


One minute with Jean Dubuffet

We invite you to meet Jean Dubuffet, one of the major artists of the 20th century, through ‘Tête griotte’,  an amazing artwork currently on the walls of our gallery.

Read more about Jean Dubuffet

One minute with André Derain

Sculpture: one of the richest and secret aspects of the work of André Derain that we invite you to discover this week.

Read more about André Derain


One minute with Alexander Calder

Focus on Alexander Calder, around a gouache painted in 1953.

In this gouache, Calder succeeded in reaching a new modernity incorporating joie de vivre, freshness, simplicity and great freedom.

Let’s discover this work !

Read more about Alexander Calder


One minute with Maurice de Vlaminck

For this new minute about Maurice de Vlaminck, we are happy to share with you the reflections of Maïthé Vallès-Bled, Chief Curator at the Paul-Valéry Museum in Sète and author of the Catalogue Raisonné de Vlaminck.

Let’s go together to meet Maurice de Vlaminck and a dazzling “Still Life”, from around 1908.

Read more about Maurice de Vlaminck
& see a selection of works currently available


One minute with Paul Signac

From 1895, Signac practically no longer painted themes and watercolours for him were very important spontaneous representations.

Let’s discover with us “Venise, les voiles devant la Salute”, a watercolor of an elegant freedom, completed in Venice in 1904.

Read more about Paul Signac
& see a selection of works currently available


One minute with Eugène Boudin

We are pleased to propose ‘One minute with Eugène Boudin’, through a work full of charm entitled ‘Le bassin de Deauville’ from 1877.

This delicate painting is the very essence of a typical Norman sky of which Boudin, an instinctive impressionist, has become the incomparable master…

Read more about Eugène Boudin
& see a selection of works currently available


One minute with Gustave Moreau

We are pleased to invite you to discover a work by a famous artist, rarely presented on the walls of a gallery.

This is a watercolor by Gustave Moreau, entitled “The pain of Orpheus”, from around 1887, which may stir your curiosity.

Read the article of this video


One minute with Albert Marquet

Let’s discover in video “Boulogne-sur-Mer, le port, temps couvert”, a work by Albert Marquet, an artist we particularly like.
Subtitled in English

Read more about Albert Marquet
& see a selection of works currently available


L’œil de la Présidence #4
Marcel Gromaire: the movie
Expressiveness and humanism

Let’s share a moment together with Marcel Gromaire to discover his work, on the occasion of the exhibition “Marcel Gromaire, l’Élégance de la Force”…
Subtitled in English

Text and direction
Maïthé Vallès-Bled

Michel Arbatz

Edouard Lalo – Concerto in D minor for cello
Cello : Johannes Moser – Direction : Jesus Lopez Cobos
NHK Tokyo Symphony Orchestra

Images, editing and post-production
Réflexion[s] Agency

Musée Paul Valéry
Ville de Sète

 © ADAGP – Paris
© Musée Paul Valéry – Sète


Read more about the exhibition “Marcel Gromaire, L’Élégance de la force”

Read more about Marcel Gromaire
& see a selection of works currently available


Tefaf Maastricht

Overview of our stand at Tefaf Maastricht for the program “Chercheurs d’Art” on BFM TV Business, with Sonia Delaunay, Alexander Calder, Gustave Moreau, Louis Anquetin, Jean Dubuffet, Henri Matisse…
Subtitled in English



L’œil de la Présidence #3
MAM Paris: a new display

On the occasion of the acquisition of Francis Gruber’s “Nu au canapé vert” by the MAM Paris, here is a glimpse f the new display where works by Marquet, Derain, Fautrier, Hélion and Gruber are highlighted.


Fine Arts Paris

For the “Chercheurs d’Art” show on BFM Business, Florence Chibret Plaussu presents the stand of the Galerie de la Présidence at Fine Arts Paris, with her favorite painters: Boudin, Signac, Cross, Marquet, and the unclassifiable Marcel Gromaire


L’œil de la Présidence #2
Marcel Gromaire, L’élégance de la force

Discover this major exhibition dedicated to Marcel Gromaire, with the exceptional participation of Galerie de la Présidence and the Musée d’Art moderne de Paris.

Interview of Benjamin Findinier, director of the Musée Eugène Boudin and curator of the exhibition.

Video subtitled in English

Read more about this exhibition

Salon du dessin




L’œil de la Présidence #1
The Derain sculptures

Video subtitled in English




Outside the walls:
Henri-Edmond Cross, Museum Barberini, Potsdam


La Biennale Paris, Grand Palais


Salon du Dessin, Paris


BRAFA Art Fair, Bruxelles




Exhibition at Galerie de la Présidence
From May 13rd to June 18th
Learn more about this exhibition



MARQUET, A modern look

Exhibition at Galerie de la Présidence
From March 15th et May 31st
Learn more about this exhibition


Salon du Dessin, Paris