Galerie de la Présidence

Masters of the XXth Century
& figurative painters from the 1950′

Located opposite the Elysée Palace, Galerie de la Présidence offers a selection of Masters from the first half of the 20th Century: Boudin, Cross, Derain, Dubuffet, Dufy, Gromaire, Hélion, Maillol, Marquet, Matisse, Signac, Geer van Velde, Vlaminck, Vuillard… as well as several major figures of figurative art from the 1950’s including Buffet, Gallard, Gruber, Lorjou, Marchand…

Galerie de la Présidence regularly organises exhibitions and retrospectives.
Examples over the past 20 years include Giacometti & Gruber, Albert Marquet, Maurice de Vlaminck, Paul Signac, H. E Cross or even Marcel Gromaire with more than 50 works exhibited each time accompanied by a descriptive catalogue.
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Galerie de la Présidence : a family story

Florence Chibret-Plaussu Galerie de la Présidence
Florence Chibret-Plaussu

“Art is a flame that is passed on from generation to generation”

Galerie de la Présidence is a family story and if this passion is hereditary, it is because both mother and daughter know how to combine art in a very complementary way.

Françoise Chibret-Plaussu created Galerie de la Présidence in 1971, at the mythical Parisian crossroads of Place Beauvau and Faubourg Saint-Honoré opposite the Elysée Palace. Her daughter, Florence Plaussu joined her more than twenty years ago and has now become the Director of the gallery.
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A special relationship with Marcel Gromaire 

Galerie de la Présidence has a special relationship with Marcel Gromaire, a major figure of the 20th Century.

He is permanently represented by Galerie de la Présidence and Françoise Chibret-Plaussu, its founder, prepared the descriptive catalogue of his oils in collaboration with François Gromaire (published in 1993). That of his watercolours is currently being prepared.

Marcel Gromaire, Nu, 1931, Oil on canvas, 55 x 46,5 cm
Marcel Gromaire
Oil on canvas
55 x 46,5 cm

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Loans to museums 

Galerie de la Présidence regularly participates to exhibitions by lending works to museums.

Latest loans to exhibitions in 2018, 2019 & 2020:

  • Marquet en Normandie
  • Suzanne Valadon. Un monde à soi
  • De Matisse à Chagall, l’aventure des peintres témoins de leur temps
  • Henri-Edmond Cross. dans la lumière du Var “Le plus beau pays du monde”
  • George Grosz, The Sick Men
  • Marcel Gromaire, L’élégance de la force
  • Fauvism and Harmony, around Henri Manguin
  • Marquet, The Mediterranean sea, from one shore to the other
  • Ker-Xavier Roussel, Private Garden, Dreamed Garden
  • Oriental visions, from dreams into light
  • Color and light. The neo-impressionist Henri-Edmond Cross…

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